West of Interesting


What’s it all about?

West of Interesting was originally going to be an conference based on the Interesting events that Russel Davies made popular in London but unfortunately I had to park it for a while as I had some work issues that got in the way and since then my head has been turned by a new, prettier event idea that I am working away at in my quiet moments.  Also Ignite Bristol looks like it might scratch the itch I had for a geeky but inclusive event in Bristol that was more about fun than the latest version of Rails or who wins in an Android vs iPhone scrap.

That said though I still wanted to do something with the West of Interesting idea and again taking inspiration from Russel Davies I have been thinking of using the Newspaper Club to produce something that could be handed out at various events like Ignite, Brissm, Bathcamp or at the Hackspace based on recommended local web content - whether it be a fun tweet, a cool blog post or a stunning photo.  The content should be available as Creative Commons (if need be I can contact the owner and ask them if they are willing to do that if it isn’t already available).

So basically if you want to SUBMIT an idea just go for it and we’ll see what we end up with.

You can also ASK me any questions about the idea.

This is all going to depend on when Newspaper Club start inviting beta-users and whether I get an invite anyway!